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Biogas plants mean BioPower

Diagram of biogas plant

The batch of slurry, silage, corn or other feedstock, as well as agricultural and livestock waste, after being ground and sometimes subjected to a hygienization process or pasteurization, is directed to special hermetically sealed fermentation tanks.

Biogas (biomethane) is produced by a natural biological process, a result of the anaerobic fermentation process that occurs with the participation of bacteria. After appropriate treatment it is combusted, driving the cogeneration unit which in turn produces electricity and heat. Ecological organic fertilizer, free of unpleasant odors and harmful microorganisms, is produced as a by-product. The whole process of preparing the batches for the manufacture of products in the form of electricity, heat and organic fertilizer is monitored electronically.

Agricultural biogas plants could accurately be called "concrete cows" because the whole process of biogas production is almost identical to the digestive processes occurring in the body of a cow.


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